Share Your Heart Vision: The Nehemiah Project


Nehemiah in approximately 445 BC was the cupbearer to the King of Persia ( the government). Nehemiah requested from the king to allow him to re-build the walls of Jerusalem because the people were oppressed.  The king had favor with Nehemiah and gave him permission to rebuild the walls with a set time.  Nehemiah requested letters from the king so that no  governor could stop him to do the work and for the person in charge of the forest to give him the materials to re-build the walls. Nehemiah started to re-built the walls, consisting of 10 gates, with the help of the people of God that where residents of each corresponding gate.  The bible states that the work was completed and the people were no longer living in oppression.

In 2011 The Department of Children and Families (the government) requested asssistance from Share Your Heart  to help families in crisis and distress.  Share Your Heart requested letters of Memorandum of Understandings, so that the faith-based community could start to re-build the walls to help people that are in crisis and distress.  The work began with the Share Your Heart Volunteer Chaplaincy  trainings to equip and prepare the faith-based community to start re-building the walls within their gates (counties) to help families in crisis or distress with food, clothing, essential supplies, emotional or spritual support.

The gates are the faith-based sites in the different counties and zip codes in Florida, joining together re-building  hope and self-sufficiency.     The Share Your Heart Volunteer Chaplains are the Nehemiah's of this generation.

The logistics and locations of the Nehemiah Project and Share Your Heart Mission are very similar, but the mission and vision are the same "Working together for the welfare of all people and strengthening communities".



Confirmation Revelation Nehemiah Map

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Confirmation Revelation Nehemiah Map

Nehemiah 2: 7-20 the project began Share Your Heart: 2010 to Present