Give Love Coin


The Share Your Heart "Give Love Coin" is a special initiative designed to foster connections within the community and provide essential support to children and families living in poverty. By participating in this program, you have the opportunity to share your love and make a positive impact on those in need within your community. Your generous donations will directly contribute to improving the lives of vulnerable families facing economic hardships and in return, you'll receive the "Give Love Coin, offering you exclusive discounts at participating restaurants and businesses.

In Florida, nearly 45% of working parents struggle with basics like food and housing. It's a stark reminder of how easily lives, including those of children, can be turned upside down. Every month, Share Your Heart serves over 4,000 families by providing them with food, clothes, emotional support and more.

Through "Give Love Coin," you can channel your commitment to making a difference in many ways. Your kindness and generosity will not only bring hope and relief to those in poverty but also strengthen the bonds for Share Your Heart within our community.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless individuals, embodying the spirit of compassion and love. Thank you for your support to help us make sure that families have a chance for better days, even when times are tough.


  • Keep your Give Love Coin with you to use at participating businesses
  • Visit our website to view the exclusive offers and discounts for Give Love Coin holders
  • Present your coin when you visit and enjoy the reward of giving back and helping a family in need

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